When a butterfly like Amber flaps her wings, she creates a hurricane of magick in the hearts and minds of those you certainly don’t want to be removed from or stand clear of.”

Shydeia CaldwellBlack Girl Magik

“Everything you’re doing is amazing. I look forward in transitioning into this life style one day. Always talked about it amongst my peers. And my bros don’t look at me crazy at all. You see what this world is shaping into” 


“Amber is a delightful young woman with a big heart, calm presence, and oodles of knowledge and passion about growing healthy food. She was fabulous help in our garden where she assisted us for many months, and I miss having her here! She has extensive background in realms of permaculture, community living, organic gardening, sustainability, and ethnobotany. She also has developed important programs in museums and has worked very effectively with youth. A truly gifted and wonderful young woman!”

Deborah Du Naan Winter, Whitman College

“You are a Divine force that is full of love and light. Your brilliance amazes me everyday. Thank you for being you Amber”

Alexis Mena, ARTrepreneurship

“So fortunate to know this nature based, ancient, farm shawty in addition to holding the privilege of calling her my friend. Amber has been doing vital work and education for low income & communities of colour to heal the earth which in turn heals us internally & collectively. if you are interested in sustainable farming and transmuting trauma into an unlinear opportunity for growth for self & future generations, she has a bunch of offerings & services to share with you.” 

Shereen Awwad


I want to take time out to thank James Jordan, LP Ross, Alexis Mena, Rima Dadenji, Reagan Lenord, Vanessa Stone, Maria Hollands, and Heidi Boulanger for inspiring and supporting me.