How did you get started farming and what tips would you give to someone who wants to be a farmer?

I started farming by looking up local farms, urban farms, rooftop gardens that needed help. I’d advise you to do is, find your local farmer’s market, go and support your local farmers by buying their produce. While buying their produce ask them if they are looking for any volunteers. I volunteered first. I emphasis this because farmers usually don’t have money to spare need all the free help they can get due to the lack of funds they’re receiving for their work.


Volunteer first. Gain experience to put on your resume, gain experience and apply it to your porch/stoop/lawn and then look at the path to becoming a paid farmer. Prove to yourself first that this is lifestyle you want and other farmers will see that you’re bout it. Or you could look up botanical gardens in your area, they offer tons of apprenticeships/internships and I’m sure they are always looking for volunteers to help.


Also: buy seeds, just have seeds at all times.


Do you know any other black farmer/gardener/food blogs or people?

Ron Finley

Soul Fire Farm

Pandora Thomas

Growing Power

Grown In Haiti

Karen Washington

Raised Roots

Sylvanaqua Farms

Sundance Harvest

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Are you vegan?

I am not vegan. I do eat heavily plant based.


What books/resources would you suggest to check out for someone who’s beginning to look into gardening/farming?

Gaia’s Garden

Braiding Sweetgrass

The Market Gardener

Black Nature

Gathering Moss

Farming While Black

The Vegetarian Myth 


What farm did you work on in Hawaii? Was it was through a work exchange program like WWOOF or WorkAway?

I did an internship at The Hawaiian Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP AG). It was amazing, super fun and transformative experience. I encourage all to look into WWOOF & WorkAway too.


Links for farm jobs?

If you are interested in working on a farm and live in NYC or Upstate NY, please check out these links:



Here are some general/national listings you:






Employment Offered