Amber Tamm Canty is a young, black woman whose life experiences weave together the interdisciplinary ways of working & healing with earth in full spectrum. In the last 5 years she has come to possess knowledge in cannabis, farm education, permaculture, tropical agriculture, agroforestry, urban farming, floral arrangements and the healing powers of the Earth. 

As a young girl in Brooklyn, Amber always craved more nature in her life. As she grew up she never could seem to find any opportunities to be in nature and was lost as to how to find ways, as her family had been in the concrete jungle for generations. But 5 years ago, her father murdered her mother, a shocking trauma which changed her whole life. This grief resulted in her spending time in silence. Towards the end of her silence, she finally went outside with the intention of bringing more nature into her life. Her time in silence helped her realize that when she layed her mother’s body in the earth, the earth literally became her mother. It was at this very moment that she found her voice, her passion + her future. It was then that she declared that she would not spend her life in an office setting, surrounded by 4 walls but instead immersed in nature as much as possible. It was then she knew Momma Earth would always guide + support her.

Amber’s work is to guide communities near and far, especially low income and communities of color, to not just connect with earth but showcase pathways for careers working with the earth. It is her goal to make her peers aware that working with the earth can be a career path not just a hobby while providing healing for personal trauma simultaneously. She shares her life with us as a testament to this statement; Amber’s shares her life with us proving that the earth provides abundance.

Amber is currently based in Virginia where she is working on starting her own equity + community focused farm. When she’s not farming you can catch her in the Kitchen with her partner Community Chef Anochi Odinga II.